Blind Innocence Part II


Blind Innocence Part II

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Blind Innocence II is a unique story of trials, tribulations and overcoming one's obstacles. Tarell Johnson has come a long way from where he started out in life. Now having just about everything a man could want and need, the one thing he doesn't have is the woman of his dreams (Debbie). As you follow along in this very complicated, confusing and controversial love story, you will see the meaning of true love. Monique Johnson, a former crack addict and street hustler, even after changing her life continues to face many trials. Losing yet, another child, but this time to a violent crime and almost losing her own life as well, still perseveres even through her tears. Traveling through scenes of Monique's life will show readers what the words strength and courage truly means. Theresa, the minister, is looked at by many people as one having God's wisdom and knowledge of Him, and knowing to do the right things. However, with her husband Eric being in the military over 15 years, and away from home; she battles with her spirituality and humanity as she becomes lonely, angry, and just tired of it. Through Theresa's trials readers will see how important it is to pray for those in authority and leadership.

Blind Innocence Part II
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