A. Adams Jones

A. Adams Jones was born in Brooklyn NY, but was raised in Queens, the majority of her adolescent life. Returning to Brooklyn at the age of 17, she resided there until she reached age twenty-two. She then relocated to Connecticut.

A. Adams Jones grew up in a home with a mother who was a church goer and minister, and a father who came from a strong Christian background. Although she attended church throughout her childhood life, at the age of 20, while still living in Brooklyn and being exposed to the streets, she eventually got drawn into that life style and soon afterwards landed in a Connecticut state prison at the age of 22.

A. Adams Jones

Being sentence to 5 to 10 years, she was released after 2 years. Still being in her darkness, and living the street life after her release, she continued to experience so many different trials in her life. At the age of 35, her life took a turn into another direction. Taking heed to her cousin’s Myra’s words while on her deathbed, that it was time to change her life, A. Adams Jones eyes became opened. From that day forth she saw another outlook on life. She began to change her ways and make better decisions in her life.

Her eyes were not only opened as to her own life, but to the lives of others. She later became an ordained minister and focused her life on helping others. She helps in assisting the homeless, single parents and is an advocate for inmates in three different states. She spends a lot of her time with the youth in her neighborhood encouraging them, and takes up time with the mentally challenged that are capable of learning and teaches them how to live independently, as well as the physically disabled that can’t afford the health care that’s needed to assist them; taking them into her home and caring for them. Amongst many other things that she is involved in; as to uplifting people that are faced with everyday struggles in life, she has dedicated her life to doing what God has called her upon.

Today, she knows without any doubts that she was placed on this earth for a purpose and is humbled to her calling.

All that she speaks about in what God has equipped her to do does not come from self-boasting, but simply that God may be glorified through her life.