A. Adams Jones

Blind Innocence part I

Tarell's story is one that couldn't have stayed hidden. He was both humbled in the sight of God through his innocence and abused in the blindness of many in their own ignorance. This story will evoke emotions ranging from sadness to joy, while making you laugh in between. In a world where movies and literature reign supreme, Blind Innocence offers a unique story that has yet to be portrayed, offering a refreshingly, new journey through the life of a troubled adolescent.

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A. Adams Jones

A. Adams Jones is a world renown author, with over 10 years of success under her belt!

A. Adams Jones is an ordained minister and an entrepreneur who owns both construction company and a T-shirt company. She is married with five children and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York; she has been settled in the New Haven, Connecticut, area for over twenty years. This is her debut novel.

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  • This story is well thought out, compelling, and the characters are generally believable. Blind Innocence will elicit readers sympathy, and the message of God's saving grace will no doubt resonate with fans of the Christian genre.

    Blue Ink Review

  • Spotlighting the plight of an educable mentally retarded child of a single, drug addicted teenage mother, the author has provided a window into the world of mental disabilities and the concomitant poverty and abuse such a child can face. The theme of human depravity and aggression against the weak is made quite viscerally manifest. The characterizations and plot are gripping and realistic.

    US Review of Books

  • Jones' debut coming-of-age novel chronicles a neglected and abused young man's quest to not only survive, but also thrive. Jones wrote the novel as a source of inspiration, not as entertainment. This volume, which will be followed by a sequel, ends with the author's prayer, whose words reflect the philosophy of her novel: "Lord...Your words have always been said to me that you would work it out, and not to forget to practice patience and let your will play out." Moving, if not always graceful, inspirational fiction.

    Kirkus Indie Review

  • A. Adams Jones's heart-wrenching novel Blind Innocence offers insights into the often tragic trials of living with a mental disability. Blind Innocence is a harrowing and hopeful novel that raises awareness about living with disabilities through the dynamic characterizations of its leading cast. A story of the strength of faith, forgiveness, and love. It imparts a keen sense of melancholy and pain. Counteracted with the power of faith and love, such elements result in a fresh take on the genre.

    Foreword's Clarion Review


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